Tesla will soon offer the Full Self Driving subscription option.

 Tesla announces that Full Self Driving  will soon be available on a subscription basis. The option is normally charged at €6300. The manufacturer hopes to appeal to second-hand buyers and those who lease Tesla cars.

Tesla is preparing to offer the Fully Autonomous Driving option in the form of a subscription. At present, this feature has a somewhat misleading name, as it does not allow fully autonomous driving in all situations. However, some of the functionality of truly autonomous driving is available. For example, automatic lane changing, hazard detection (and the consequent adaptation of speed and braking), red light detection or autonomous driving in the city.

The Full Self Driving  option can be added at the time of purchase or purchased at a later date for the modest sum of €6300. If you subscribe to the option after purchase, Full Self Driving  will be delivered as a simple update, which some would call an automotive DLC - after full payment of the 6300 €. However, Tesla's are already expensive vehicles. So many users do not want to adopt the Fully Independent Driving, which gives access to the latest technical innovations on these vehicles, because they cannot afford it.

In fact, one can imagine that very few Tesla owners who have bought their used car, or those who drive a leased car, would want to buy such an option if it is not already available on the car. The subscription thus seems to be mainly aimed at this type of customer. According to Elon Musk, the Full Self Driving  subscription would be available "towards the end of the year". The stakes are high because, according to the financial data revealed by the firm, a large part of its revenue is derived from the sale of these downloadable options.

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