WhatsApp Tests New Easy Way to Add Contacts

WhatsApp is beta testing a new feature that allows you to add someone to your contact list by scanning a QR code.

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Facebook is constantly improving WhatsApp, which is currently one of the most used messaging services in the world. For example, during confinement, the limit on the number of participants in group calls has been increased to 8 participants. WhatsApp is also integrated with Rooms, which is a competitor to Facebook's Zoom and allows video conferencing with up to 40 participants.

And soon, Facebook may add a new and very simple way to add people to the contact list: QR codes. While WhatsApp hasn't officially launched this feature yet, the Wabetainfo.com website indicates that the service has just released an update in beta on the Play Store that includes a feature to add contacts with QR codes. In addition, recently, a similar feature is also reported to have arrived in the beta for iOS via Apple's Testflight program.

An important privacy advantage
According to Wabetainfo.com, on these betas of the WhatsApp app, you can find your QR code in the app settings. This code can be shared with friends so that they can scan it to add you to their contact lists. By sharing this QR code, you are indirectly sharing your phone number associated with your WhatsApp account.

But in addition to the convenience of sharing or scanning a QR code instead of copying a phone number, this feature may provide another benefit: the user can change the QR code at any time. Basically, if your code has been shared with the wrong people, you can disable it and create a new one.

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It remains to be seen if and when WhatsApp will deploy this feature. In the meantime, all of this information should be treated with caution as it is not from an official source.

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