La Casa De Papel Season 5: Good News For Fans

The Casa de Papel team has announced some very good news for those who are eagerly awaiting the adventures of the world's most famous bank robbers.

Let's be honest. Casa de Papel's last season is the worst so far provided by Spanish bank robbers. You've been told this before. But that doesn't prevent us from feeling a certain impatience to discover the next episodes. No, the two sentences are not antinomic. Especially because we still hope that the program, recovered by Netflix, which made us dream so much, can still turn the tide. So we appreciate to know that the production of the new season has been initiated.

La Casa de Papel, season 5 to end the story?

As we remember, season 4 has ended... well, no, actually, it didn't. It didn't end. To the great surprise of the fans, it was rather the first part of the robbery when we were hoping to see the end of it. Let's just say that it allowed us to discover a new robbery, which didn't end. That's what Season 5 has to deal with before any spin-offs.

Good news for the fans, several announcements came out almost at the same time. Alvaro Morte, the actor who plays the Professor, the brains of the band, revealed a cliché on his Instagram account by announcing "The Professor is Back". For the moment, we guess mostly tests and maybe a few rehearsals, in compliance with health measures, as the mask shows.

The other announcement was made by Alex Pina, the creator of the series. He announced on July 9 that he is writing the next season. He also has a little attention for one of his characters, since he wears a T-shirt with the name "Tokyo", the name of one of the robbers at the heart of the story.

The Bank of Spain robbery will therefore be able to continue. The resumption of filming would be imminent.

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