Microsoft Windows10X without local Win32 app Support

Windows 10X seems more and more to be playing in the same yard as ChromeOS: the system would indeed be incompatible with Win32 applications, at least locally. It remains possible to stream them from the cloud, provided you have an internet connection.


The blog Windowscentral reveals that Microsoft has removed a major feature from the source code of Windows 10X. The latest versions of the system no longer include VAIL technology, which allows Win32 programs to be virtualized locally via containers. This was a deliberate choice - Windows 10X was originally intended to run on the Surface Neo, a foldable dual-screen tablet.

Microsoft Windows 10X is reorienting itself to the Chromebook assault

However, rebuilt from A to Z with the latest technologies available and expunged of old interfaces that pollute the user experience on Windows 10, Windows 10X now seems to have the ambition to bother Google and its Chromebook. Microsoft has indeed decided that Windows 10X will also be installed on single-screen PCs.

Thus, while it was originally intended for the high-end market, Windows 10X should be available on much cheaper devices - with a focus on education and the enterprise market. Thus, local support for Win32 applications did not seem indispensable. Especially when it comes to maximizing battery life and performance.

Users of Windows 10X machines will still be able to launch UWP applications and web apps via Edge. As for Win32 applications, they can still be streamed from the cloud. This means that you will need an internet connection to launch them.

A very interesting aspect of this change of direction is that, according to Windowscentral, it comes with another advantage: it becomes easier for Microsoft to adapt Windows 10X to the ARM architecture without the support of Win32 applications. Like Apple, Microsoft seems to be interested in this type of architecture, which is much more efficient in terms of energy, and therefore autonomy.

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