Sport, Music, News: The Google Assistant Feed Enriched With Dynamic Content

Launched last March on Android, but also on iOS, the new Google Assistant feed will be enriched with additional features as the months go by. This week, it's the turn of new sports, music and news related shortcuts to appear on the drop-down menu.


The Google Assistant feed wants to be even more useful. In addition to a new card dedicated to podcast suggestions that appeared last June, Google is now deploying a succession of new recommendations and shortcuts on its drop-down menu. On a single card at the beginning of the feed, it is now possible to find suggestions related to current events (Google News will display the articles most likely to interest you), as well as a playlist (allowing you to play music ad infinitum via YouTube Music), and Podcasts.

A card displayed dynamically

This new card appears dynamically in the feed, most often in the morning, when the user takes a look at the Google Assistant feed for the first time of the day. For the rest, it comes with a few more shortcuts, including to YouTube Music and Google Podcasts, presented as small icons at the bottom of the card.

Google is also betting on another card, also new, which dynamically displays the next major sporting events to follow. If you miss one of these games, don't worry, the scores will be displayed on this same card once the game is over. At the top of the card, the name of the competition is displayed, as well as its stage (semi-final, final...).

For more clarity, club badges (in the context of a soccer or rugby match, for example) are also visible, as well as the kick-off time. Finally, Google also integrates, still in the same place, search suggestions related to these matches. Clicking on them will take you back to the search in question and its results in a single click.

Finally, the Google Assistant feed has a new "Do it again" card. "Based on your usage patterns," Google explains, it will allow you to repeat a query you've already made to the assistant (such as asking what the weather will be like the next day, or turning off the lights in a room with connected light bulbs) with a single tap, without having to repeat or rewrite it.

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