Oracle Embarks The Race To Buy Tiktok’s US Services

TikTok: Oracle too would like to buy the American part of the Chinese social network.


While the White House has given TikTok a 90-day reprieve to find a buyer, the American press reveals that Oracle could be involved in the negotiations. The Californian database giant, whose boss is one of the few Silicon Valley CEOs to support Donald Trump, would take on Microsoft and Twitter.

If you have a teenager in your entourage, haven't you ever heard the phrase: "Here, look at my new TikTok"? All young social network consumers talk about now is making short videos and watching the ones that are broadcast on the application whose success largely supersedes that of Snapchat today (whose target is strictly the same).

But TikTok is developed by ByteDance, a Chinese company. And Donald Trump doesn't like a lot of Chinese right now. Whether it's a smartphone, like Huawei or ZTE. Or whether it's apps for smartphones, like WeChat and TikTok or even e-commerce like Alibaba. The American president accuses Chinese companies of spying for the Beijing government.

Whether this is true or not, the consequences are significant. For TikTok, for example, ByteDance must now find an American partner to ensure the future of the service in the United States. According to a White House decision last Friday, the company has less than 90 days to find a solution before being banned across the Atlantic.

Microsoft, Twitter and... Oracle?

Several companies have expressed interest in taking over the western part of TikTok: Microsoft, which seems to be the most advanced, Twitter, according to the Wall Street Journal, and... Oracle, information reported by the Financial Times. And this is curious information, because the California database giant, SAP's eternal competitor and owner of a few Android-related patents that make a lot of money, is not a company that develops consumer products. And even less social applications for teenagers.

However, the financial Times reports that Oracle, supported by investment funds, is currently negotiating with ByteDance to take over the versions of TikTok present in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. What would be Oracle's interest in this takeover? What could be the synergies between the current American group and TikTok? These are very mysterious questions. It could be a financial gamble to take advantage of TikTok's excellent reputation.

But, as with Snapchat, which Facebook had wanted to buy back at all costs before giving up, the blow could fall just as quickly, as the craze among young people is very versatile. This would mean that it would be very difficult to recoup the huge investment that such a buyout represents.

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