Firefox Send Is At The End: Mozilla Gives In To Criminals


Mozilla can't get a handle on the problems with a rather popular service and has now decided to completely stamp it out. This is the Firefox Send, which was launched just over a year ago.
It might be one of the most disappointing starts of a new service in a long time. Even in the test phase there was a lot of interest and recognition. And even after the launch, the enthusiasm of many users did not abate. But then less well-meaning circles began to abuse the service. All efforts of the Mozilla team to get the resulting problems under control did not lead to success.

Criminals increasingly used Firefox Send to distribute malware attacks. In response, Mozilla recently announced that it would temporarily shut down the service and implement better security mechanisms. However, for unspecified reasons, it was decided not to turn the service back on at all.

Firefox Notes is also no longer available

Firefox Send was one of the most sophisticated solutions for exchanging large files. Users could upload files here and then among other things adjust, who can download these, how often this is possible and how long the file is kept maximally available. In addition there was a proper encryption of the transport routes. This enabled much better control over the distribution of data than is the case with most normal cloud sharing offers.

In addition to Firefox Send, Mozilla will also configure Firefox Notes. This is a notes service where content can also be exchanged between the PC and an associated Android app via end-to-end encrypted paths. The service is scheduled to be finished by the end of November. The browser extension will continue to work and an export of the saved notes will still be possible. However, the exchange will be dropped in November due to the shutdown of the systems in the background.

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