GitHub And Microsoft Teams Integration For A better Collaboration And Project Management

Microsoft Teams will now integrate with GitHub to help you manage development projects. The application is available on the Microsoft Teams App Store in Public Preview.


Microsoft Teams users can now collaborate and receive updates on GitHub projects via a new integration between the two platforms, which has entered public beta. The update connects Microsoft's video conferencing and collaboration software to the popular code hosting platform, allowing Teams users to subscribe to notifications of development repositories that are important to them.

Teams users can view details about current GitHub projects, discuss and collaborate on current issues and checkout requests, and close, reopen, and submit new issues directly from a Microsoft Teams channel.

The public beta began deploying on Thursday, September 10th. You can access the Microsoft Teams App Store and install the GitHub application (Preview).

Writing on the GitHub blog, Ashok Kirla, Program Manager at Microsoft, said :

"GitHub is the world's leading software development platform. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular communication platforms where modern development teams come together to create world-class products and services. With two of your most important workspaces connected, you'll stay informed about what's happening on GitHub without leaving Microsoft Teams.

GitHub already provides integration with Slack via the GitHub for Slack application, allowing users to receive link previews in Slack for public repositories, set up notifications with slash (/) commands, and keep track of project activity.

Integrating Teams with GitHub will work in much the same way. Once they've linked their GitHub and Teams accounts (which requires validation using the @github login command) Teams users can subscribe to receive notifications about any activity in an organization or repository using the @github subscribe command, followed by the name of the organization or repository to which they want to subscribe.

Pull Requests and issues will be sent via the notification card in Teams, including all relevant information such as verifications, descriptions, labels, recipients and reviewers. Any new events that occur on a Pull Request or Problem (e.g. comments, revisions and merge requests) will be added as a response to the original card to ensure that all relevant information remains in one place. Teams users can unsubscribe from repository notifications using the @github unsubscribe command.

Integration is available through the GitHub preview application on the Microsoft Teams App Store.

The integration of GitHub and Teams should be good news for some of the 30 million GitHub developer users who also rely on Teams for collaboration.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has been busy releasing new features for Microsoft Teams, which in April had 75 million active users per day. The latest feature released for Teams was the new Lists application, which provides Teams users with a spreadsheet format for collaboration and task execution.

After initially declaring that Microsoft Teams was not a competitor of Slack via its CEO Stewart Butterfield, the company announced that it had filed a complaint against Microsoft before the European Commission for anti-competitive practices. It criticised Microsoft for taking advantage of its strong position in the professional segment to impose its rival Teams service and crush all competition. In particular, it alleges that Microsoft has illegally linked its Teams product to its market-dominant Office productivity suite, forcing its installation on millions of users, blocking its removal and hiding the real cost to business customers. After examining the complaint, the EU will decide whether or not to open an investigation into Microsoft's practices.

Source: GitHub

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