Spotify: A Karaoke Mode Should Soon Appear On The App

A thirty-minute offline listening option for free subscribers is also under consideration.

The Swedish music streaming service is about to launch a new feature for its users. A feature designed for entertainment as it is a karaoke mode. Application code researcher Jane Manchun Wong put her finger on this new feature and shared it on Twitter.

The feature will of course allow users to sing their favourite hits with the music in the background and the lyrics displayed on their smartphone screen or other. They will be able to adjust the voice level of the songs, so they will have a more or less loud cue to push the song. An entertainment mode that's sure to keep Spotify subscribers entertained.

New for free users

But this is not the only find of Jane Manchun Wong. The researcher also found an offline listening mode for free users of the application. They will be able to listen to their favourite songs for 30 minutes without interruption and without being connected to the Internet. This feature is currently only available to premium subscribers.

While Spotify is testing new features, it's not yet clear whether they will ever be rolled out. As for when they will be launched, again we don't know. To say the least, the new features she's uncovered are pretty exciting. This will keep Spotify in the lead for some time to come.

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