Twitter: New Measures To Protect High-Ranking Politicians Accounts

Twitter Takes Steps to Protect Accounts from High-Ranking Politicians. The social network is taking the risk of hacking very seriously in this crunch election period.


On July 15, dozens of celebrity Twitter accounts were hacked. Among them are Silicon Valley CEOs such as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, major corporations, but also famous politicians such as Barack Obama or Joe Biden. This Bitcoin scam, which is quite classic, has however surprised a lot by its intensity and the level of profiles affected.

To prevent such a misadventure from happening again, Twitter has just announced a series of measures to protect the profiles of political figures. This initiative is of particular importance, especially during an election period. Indeed, one can imagine the consequences of hacking into an account like that of Donald Trump, who sometimes manages U.S. international politics through tweeting.

Twitter mobilized against electoral misinformation

The social network plans to require these users to choose more complex passwords and will encourage them to opt for two-factor authentication. Specific protection against password resets will also be implemented.

On its site, Twitter states:

"We are taking another step in proactively implementing account security measures for a designated group of high-level Twitter profiles related to the U.S. elections. Beginning today, these accounts will be notified via a notification embedded in the application of some of the security measures that we will be requiring or strongly recommending in the future. » - Twitter blog

The social network also promises advanced detection and alerting systems to respond more effectively to suspicious activity. And in case hacking occurs, the idea is also to allow the account holder to recover his account very quickly.

In any case, Twitter takes the subject of the presidential election very seriously. Two weeks ago, the platform announced the implementation of new measures to counter attempts at electoral disinformation.

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