Xbox Series S: Faster Game Downloads With Smaller File Sizes

Xbox Series S install sizes are claimed to be smaller as game textures will be of a reduced resolution. With the console only supporting an output of 1440p, all included textures will be of a lower quality.

Another benefit for Microsoft's affordable console

To keep the modest 512GB of SSD space, the Xbox Series S will be able to rely on smaller installation files than the X Series. It will still be up to the developers to choose which assets to install on which console... but this may result in faster downloads on the S Series.

Designed for 1440p gaming at up to 60 FPS, the Xbox Series S is limited to a 512GB SSD only. That's a bit of a pittance compared to the 1TB SSD offered by the Xbox Series X, but Microsoft says they've got it covered. The firm will indeed let developers choose which assets to install on which console.

This should notably allow the S Series to inherit installation files that are much smaller than those required for the X Series, which aims for Ultra HD definition... with the heavy textures that go with it.

A console with lighter installation files

Simply put, these are seriously lightweight installation files that the Xbox Series S should enjoy most of the time, with lighter textures allowed by a lower definition. Developers will still have to play the game, but Microsoft believes it has taken steps to encourage them to install only what the S Series needs for its more modest capabilities.

"With a performance target of 1440p at 60 FPS, we hope that developers won't send their higher level mipmaps to the Xbox S Series, which will reduce the size of the games," said Jason Ronald (Xbox Director of Program Management) at IGN.

"Ultimately, the keys are in the hands of the developer. We've had technology for some time that allows developers to intelligently choose which assets to install on which device. So the flexibility is in the hands of the developers to make sure the right elements are present," he added.

Note that the reduced size of the installation files should also allow faster downloads for this all-digital console.

As a reminder, the Xbox Series S will arrive on the market on November 10th,. It will also be available through the Xbox All Access subscription.


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